Failed to customize the resolution of the xrande command

When I tested the HDMI-OUT custom resolution in ArmSom-w3, I encountered adding new resolutions using xrande, and some resolutions in the test resulted in a black screen or a return to the previous resolution. In general, the resolution should be set arbitrarily. Have you ever encountered this problem?

Hello, are you having a problem that all the resolutions you want to set cannot be set?

No, at present I have encountered some resolution can not be set, such as 832x624 1680x1050 720x480, 1280X1024 is supported

Check the dts file for these configurations, if not, please add them and try again

&display_subsystem {
clocks = <&hdptxphy_hdmi_clk0>, <&hdptxphy_hdmi_clk1>;
clock-names = "hdmi0_phy_pll", "hdmi1_phy_pll";
&hdptxphy_hdmi_clk0 {
            status = "okay";
&hdptxphy_hdmi_clk1 {
            status = "okay";

After adding the above code and then testing the custom resolution can be output, may I ask why the corresponding resolution can not be output before

This change can be separated from the resolution is equivalent to hdmi0 and hdmi1 hanging to the SOC internal hdmi dedicated pll, is a simple understanding of the pll frequency division, can accurately separate some of your resolution required dclk, so it can be displayed

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  • Okay, thanks again