The SDcard is automatically mounted

If the built-in memory capacity of sige7 is not enough to use, or if we need to use sige7 as a download machine, we need to mount an external hard drive. When using an external hard drive, if you restart, the mounting point will be lost. I have compiled the configuration for sige7 to automatically mount the external hard drive when booting up.

Enter sudo fdisk - l to check the hard drive location:

The hard drive location is /dev/sda1

Mount /dev/sda1 to any real existing folder,Although the mount is successful at this moment, it will fail after restarting sige7.

Set up automatic mount

  1. View hard drive UUID
    Enter the following command

  1. Modify configuration file
    Add the following information to the end of the /etc/fstab file:
sudo vim /etc/fstab
+ UUID=F45296EC5296B33A /opt/lhd ntfs defaults 0 0
  • Partition device number to be mounted: UUID=F45296EC5296B33A

  • Mount point:/opt/lhd

  • File system type: ntfs

  • Mount options: defaults

  • Whether to backup:0

  • Whether to detect: 0

  1. Make the configuration effective
    Execute the command to make the configuration effective:
sudo mount -a
df -h

Auto mount successful after restart.