The video stream hardcoded through MPP has color divergence in the image


I recently encountered some unexpected issues while using the armsom-w3 development board. Regarding MPP encoding and decoding, we can discuss together

    1. The video stream hardcoded through MPP has color divergence, resulting in unclear data such as text and numbers
    1. MPP encoder initialization parameter setting issue. We need to provide a detailed explanation document for the initialization parameters of the MPP encoder, especially for the parameters in H264 and MJPEG formats.
  • 3.Can two encoders be created simultaneously to encode mjpeg and H264? When we only encode 264 on our end, it is very stable. If we add MJPEG and keep encoding at the same time, it becomes very unstable. After running the program for a period of time, there will be problems, like having bad data frames

  1. When encoding in jpeg, 422 will be converted to 420 before encoding, and at this time, the chromaticity component will be lost, leading to the phenomenon of color edge pseudo color above

  2. The initialization of different protocol parameters varies greatly, and there is also a significant difference in whether to enable code control for jpeg, depending on specific requirements

  3. It can be independently encoded, what is the situation when an exception occurs, and whether there are log errors. According to your description, it may be that the encoding control of jpeg has been turned on, and the image quality of jpeg has decreased

There is no documentation on MPP encoding initialization parameters, but there is a related demo for your reference


I refer to MPI_ Enc_ The test implemented H264, but there are issues using it to encode MJPEG. The screen screen flickers

My initial guess is that there was an issue with the MJPEG parameter settings during the initialization of encoding, but the document provided to us does not have any issues with the MJPEG encoding parameter settings

Can you check if multiple threads share the same encoding? And please try changing it to one thread

After listening to your suggestion, there is no longer the same situation as before. I will run it on my end for another period of time to observe.

Thank you